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ViaTechMD is a Delaware LLC based in Scottsdale, Arizona. ViaTechMD’s mission is to reverse the growing human healthcare crisis of Preterm Birth. Following our successful independent developments, including the invention, development and production of our Cervical Stabilization Device “CSD”, we have formed powerful collaborations and affiliations with industry leaders that bring to bear the substantial resources of these organizations in addressing classification, regulatory pathway, ongoing clinical trials, manufacturing, and commercialization matters necessary to expedite our breakthrough treatment to a desperate and critically underserved patient population.

Our collaborations also include one of the largest global healthcare organizations (Payor) in efforts to develop reimbursement policies, promote our CSD as the Standard of Care, and to accelerate initial sales, marketing, and distribution, as the organization's influence over 85 million+ patients affords.

Our team is rounded out by an international contract research organization, nationally recognized study site organization, expert physician collaborations, university and hospital associations, a global leader in medical device manufacturing, and our own highly-experienced business development and operations managers, technology and product developers, and Member Advisory Board. Together, we expect and are working to spare infant lives and morbidity within the coming year.

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